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  August 16 2017

Simple tips for preserving your voice!

Music is a gift of God, where playing any musical instrument can be learnt but having the ability to sing is a true blessing. Like a good guitarist knows how to take care of their guitar, in the same manner every singer must know how to take care of his/her vocals for any carelessness can affect their voice and directly affect their singing. So let’s start with some of the tips and tricks of vocal hygiene. 




1. HYDRATION - Starting off with the most important point of vocal hygiene is its “hydration”. The main advantage of hydration is that vocal folds are coated by mucosal lining which protects them from natural friction occurring while singing. If the intake of fluid (water) is less it will result in swelling of vocal folds and if that happens, it might hinder their voice’s potential and may even lead to permanent damage. Also cold water must be avoided before or during singing.

It is always advisable to intake fluids 20 minutes before any of the program starts as the fluid (water) we drink does not go to vocal folds first, instead it goes to the other part of the body first and then to the vocals. So make sure that you are fully hydrated at least 20 minutes before you step up to the mic.

Some people complain of having dry mouth even after drinking well-amount of water and for this one of the best remedy is to add fruit juice to the water. This also lubricates the vocal folds quickly.

2. SWEET TOOTH GETS REWARDED - There is a good news for the singers with sweet tooth. Studies have shown that sweets stimulate salivary gland more than any other flavors do. Candies with sweet and tart flavors are fantastic for moisturizing the folds. Toasted breads are also good for aiding salivary gland stimulation. For those who would like to avoid hard candied because of sugar content; dates, raisins, and other dry fruits are good alternatives. In fact regular grapes are also great. Also, juices like fresh Orange juice or Grapes fruit juice which contain Citric Acid are also good for stimulation of salivary gland.

3. TIMELINESS - With what to eat, when to eat should also be taken care of. It’s always good to take your meal an hour before you sing so that your body has enough time to digest it. High protein content and easily digestible food are always preferred and salty and spicy foods should be avoided before one has to sing.

4. BEVERAGES - Hot tea with lemon and honey is always considered good for the voice.

5. HIDE FROM :- Few things which should also be avoided before you are to sing are fast food, frozen dinners or anything which has been altered from its natural state with chemical or chemical reactions.

The above mentioned points are just some of the dos and don'ts and does not simply mean you need to avoid such foods completely, but these are just precautions to be taken care of. So, catch you guys later meanwhile eat well, drink well and of course sing well!!

Do you know more of such tips to take care of vocals? Do let us know in comment section.

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Deepak Nagar

I had given up as I have caught up permanent Hoarseness I will follow good practices. Thanks.

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