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  November 14 2017

Singers: Stage Performance and how to Rock at it!

The feeling of being on stage is priceless for any artist! And if you are a singer you sure love to showcase your talent in front of a huge audience. From being a contestant in any music competition or being an artist in the music industry, it’s just not limited to recording studios but also the stage presence in live performances. Stage presence is given so much importance nowadays that special marking is kept for it in competitions!

So, to help our budding artists, here are some tips to enhance your stage presence and scoring it all:

  • Audience: The first and the most important part of a live performance is its audience. If the audience is enjoying and is with you throughout your performance means you have won it all! But engaging the audience is not that easy. You have to make connections with them but at the same time keep on singing! You cannot afford to miss a beat or else it’s all gone for a toss! The performances we love are surely the ones where the artist engages the audience. They are interactive to the extent that few of the performers like Adele, Beyoncé and Rihanna etc. have even called their fans on stage from the audience to sing with them. Don’t believe me?! Here have a look-


  • Confidence: Singing in live performance is nowhere similar to one of a recording studio. Your singing reflects your confidence on stage. How well you know the lyrics, music or the effects... it all counts. It’s very easy to catch a person who is nervous. Your confidence is automatically conveyed in the singing... and so is the overconfidence.

  • Movement: It is always advised that one should not stand at just one place and sing. You can also move to the front part of the stage and get connect with your audience. Moving on stage doesn’t mean that you go to each and every corner of the stage, it means to use the stage to make a connection with the audience.

  • Body Language: Body Language plays a vital role in performing live. Our confidence tends to reflect in our body language that is the way we stand or sit, our facial expressions, the way we hold our mic, it all shows our confidence. So be sure to have faith in yourself and your singing.

  • Gestures: You can also get the audience engaged by hand movements i.e. hand gestures, clapping etc. It is always advisable that when you are singing a melodious slow song it’s good to use hand gestures instead of moving much on stage.  

  • Props: To make a memorable stage performance use of props is always advised. The most common prop for a singing is the mic stand. All the great singers and performers tend to sing slow songs with mic on the stand and when singing a song with fast music, they remove the mic from stand with confidence

  • Dancers: Nowadays the grandness of any performance is seen by the size its stage & setup. And to cover the whole stage one can also have some dancers on stage. In fact, you can also do few of the signature steps with them. This would make your performance more exciting and interesting for the audience. But do remember to practice enough because it’s not easy to sing and dance together that too in sync with the dancers. In between all the dancing and singing take care of health because it may affect your breathing and vocals.

  • Your songs: Choose those songs in which the lyrics can be handled by you, we mean to say, give emotion to the lyrics and meaning of the song.

  • Rehearsal: Do some rehearsals with the band, dancers and the mic you are going to use. This will help you coordinate with everyone & everything.

Performing Live, in front of a large audience, is challenging but it is way more amazing if done right. If you love what you are doing then it is one of the greatest feelings. The above tips will help you to add more joy & fun to your performance. Always make sure that you give your best and have fun!   

If you have any such performances you want to share with us, do mail it to us at and we would upload it on your behalf. 


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