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  October 12 2017

Remembering Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar...The Total Entertainer! We all know that he could do everything. Whether it was playback singing or acting, writing songs or composing them, producing a movie or being a director or a screenwriter and he was the best in everything! And you know what? He never had a formal training in music. We loved everything he did, but do you know what was his own favorite thing from all the above? 

Here is an interview of Kishore Kumar who was not ready to give an interview to anyone but agreed for none other than Lata Mangeshkar:


We all have heard and read plenty of stories about Kishore Kumar. How his house had a sign board which said “Beware of Kishore” to how he reached with makeup on only half face when the director hadn’t paid his full due. Hilarious right! He lived life on his own terms and had a sense of humor which was not understandable by everyone. This can be well understood by his interview with Ameen Sayani.

Part 1:
Part 2:

So, here we are at Mehfil Mastee, remembering the legendary Kishore Kumar on his 30th death anniversary with his songs and movies.

Fans of Kishore Da sing your favorite song & send it to us one at and also do tell us your favorite song or movie by him in the comment box below!

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