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  August 22 2017

Independence Day celebration by Mumbai Harmonics

"Mumbai Harmonics" is a musical group formed in October 2014 by four passionate Harmonica (Mouth Organ) lovers within the precincts of the drawing room of one of the member's flat in Hanging Gardens (Mumbai). These four passionate musicians were instrumental in bringing together about 20 harmonica players living in far flung locations of Mumbai & on this day Mumbai Harmonics was born. Over the last three years the group has grown leaps and bounds from all over Mumbai and its suburbs and now comprises of almost 50 versatile Harmonica players, guitarists, mandolinists and rhythmists, with the youngest member of 14 year old boy to the oldest being a Parsi lady called “Coomi Aunty” who is in her 80s. The group plays and entertains with various kinds of music which include nostalgic hindi film songs, Hindustani Classical music, Bhajans, Patriotic Songs and of course Western music.

The mouth organ which belongs to the reed organ family (wind) of musical instruments was first invented in 1762 but Mumbai got its first and only Harmonica club of that time in 1937 by the city’s one and only exclusive harmonica teacher Late Phiroze Damri. He founded “Hohner Harmonica Club” and ran it for six decades and taught thousands of children for free or for a very nominal fee going from one school to another.

A harmonica is a tiny and yet a wonderfully versatile instrument that can be carried very conveniently (in the pocket as well) and played on the go. Even though it is a small instrument, there are eight types of harmonica. The sheer sound of the instrument instills a sense of thrill, romance and excitement to the listener. Mumbai Harmonics has been doing pioneering work in not only bringing several harmonica players come together from far flung localities of the city but also popularizing the instrument amongst masses. Besides performing in Auditoriums and other closed door venues, Mumbai Harmonics goes out Busking in Gardens and Streets around places like Hanging Gardens, Patwardhan Park Bandra, Muktanand Park Santacruz, Equal Streets Linking Road, Juhu, Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face and such other places. Mumbai Harmonics has also been performing for Senior Citizens at various places at almost no cost to spread joy and happiness.

Their amalgamation of distinct music has satisfied souls of many music lovers and have reached the heart roots of mass. So, people who haven’t discovered them till now or people who want to relive their music can check out their Independence Day celebration video here!

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About the Author

Sanjay Sen

Sanjay Sen is a member of Mumbai Harmonics which is the first of its kind and was founded by 4 enthusiasts of Harmonica in Mumbai in 2014.


Biren Shah

Great initiative on Independence day, and excellent performance. Keep it up.

Jay Sen Thanks Biren for publishing this.

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