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  August 14 2017

Independence Day Celebrations: Patriotic Hindi Film Songs

Jai Hind.

A day of great pride and joy, as we celebrate 70 years of independence on 15th August this year.  Greetings from Mehfil Mastee team to all proud Indians.

Hindi film music is rich with patriotic songs, right form the pre-independence era till date.  It was extremely difficult to include any patriotic songs prior to 1947, the British obviously not wanting the independence movement to gain any more through Hindi film songs.  However, clever film makers and poets somehow managed to slip through a few of them.

The most famous patriotic song of pre-independence era, to my knowledge, is from 1943 film Kismet, written by the great Kavi Pradeep (who else but Pradeep ji!), composed by Anil Biswas, and sung forcefully by Pradeep and Amirbai Karnataki.  The song clearly is a “Quit India” movement song, but words cleverly changed to “tum na kisi kea age jhukna, german ho ya japani”, to avoid any reference to Britain.  On this special day, do take some time out and listen to this song, and you may be able to imagine the fervour of Quit India movement.

The golden era of Hindi film music, the 50s and 60s are golden for patriotic songs too.  Some songs were from patriotic films (Vande Mataram, Anand Math, 1952; aye watan aye watan & mera rang de badanti chola, both from 1965 film Shaheed), some others were sung by or to children (aao bachcho tumhe dikhaye jhaanki Hindustan ki & hum laaye hain tufaan se,  both from Jagriti, 1954; nanha munna rahi hoon, Son of India, 1962), and many others were from main stream cinema - a long, beautiful list with songs such asnanha munna rahi hoonchhodo kal ki baateinye maati sabhi ki kahani kahegiye chaman humara apna haiaye mere pyare watanhothon pe sachai rehti hai and many others.

Manoj Kumar, our “Mr Bharat”, certainly gave us many beautiful patriotic songs through his movies.  Apart from the songs of 1965 film Shaheed listed above, he gave us hits such as “mere desh ki dharti” (Upkar, 1967), “hai preet jahan ki reet sada” and “dulhan chali” (both from 1970 film Purab aur Paschim) and songs of the 1981 film Kranti.  Chetan Anand gave some fantastic songs through Haqeeqat (kar chale hum fida) and Hindustan ki Kasam (title song).

Patriotic theme songs continued to enthral us through 90s and onwards too.  Rehman gave us “Bharat hum ko jaan se pyara hai” (Roja, 1992), “Maa Tujhe Salaam” and “ye jo des hai tera” (Swades, 2004), as also the “rang de basanti” new version, inspired from the 1965 version from Shaheed.  Salim-Sulaiman worked up a fervour with “Chak de India”.   Late Madan Mohan’s tune was beautifully made in to “aisa desh hai mera” in 2004 film Veer Zaara, and Jatin-Lalit with Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics gave us “Des Rangila” in 2006 film Fanaa. 

So the journey continues.  On 15th August, when radio and TV play all these patriotic songs, they create a patriotic mood, arousing our sentiments and the heart brims with pride and joy.

On this day, we present a short medley of few patriotic songs, hope you like it.  Do tell us your favourite Desh-bhakti song, and whatever else you think of. 

I also take this opportunity to share an innovative piece of work by my friend Ankur Gupta, who has made a peppy tune for our national anthem, and hopes this would help us respect the official 52-seconds length for our anthem.

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About the Author

Biren Shah

Biren Shah, member of Mehfil Mastee team and a Hindi film music lover.


Umesh Desai

Excellent and beautifully narrated. Best is KAR CHALET from Hakikat and Mera rang design from Shaheed

Biren Shah Thanks, and indeed the two songs you mention are absolute gems.


While Biren posted this link yesterday, could get time to read through and listen in only this morning. No better way of starting the day, our Independence Day. I remember that Shaheed was the very FIRST movie that I was allowed to watch as a child by parents who looked upon movies as a strict "no, no". Do not remember if the import of the story had any impact on the very young mind, but do remember clearly that the songs were learnt quickly and rendered loudly, without any fear of parental censor. Great write up, Biren and a beautiful medley. Wish it could have been longer, covering several more would be a treasured archive. Thanks buddies, for bringing up some goose - bumps while listening to the songs. Jai Bharat.

Biren Shah Thanks Partho. Shaheed was a milestone movie, particularly the unforgettable songs by Prem Dhwan. Kept the video short because these are days of short attention span


Very good work... You are very enthusiastic.


Very good. Loved it.


When it comes to we are talking about patriotic always gives me goosebumps!! Thanks for writing this post Birenbhai on india's Independence Day. Loved it. All the songs are just great with deep meanings. Would like to add 2 of my fav patriotic songs - Jahan Dal Dal per sone ki chhidiya and I love my india from Perdes!! Happy 70th Independence Day all!!

Biren Shah Thanks Khyati, yes, I too get goosebumps. Jahan Daal Daal pe, is a classic by Rafi. Pl sing "I love my India" and send us the audio, we would like to share with all.


Beautifully written.....

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