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Swar Baaware

  September 19 2017

Swar Baaware – India’s First Truly Online Singing Competition

We at Mehfil Mastee feel immensely proud to announce Swar Baaware- India’s first truly Online Singing Competition. We believe it is a huge step forward towards unearthing singing talent from every nook and corner of our great country.

Note the words “first” and “truly”.  If you search on the internet, you will find a few other “online” singing competitions, so how are we first?  The answer lies in our use of the second term “truly”.  All earlier online singing competitions have not been truly online – they require participants to submit videos of their performances through email or messaging software – which in effect are offline performances. Swar Baaware differentiates itself by using Mehfil Mastee application on Android and iPhone , and conduct auditions and competitive rounds by asking each participant to perform real-time and a judge or panel of judges evaluates them by watching the performance live.

Viewers are aware of many reality shows on TV for singing competitions.  Then why Swar Baaware, and is it just one more singing competition?  Swar Baaware is inspired by thousands of aspirants thronging the audition rounds of such TV reality shows; many coming from far and wide, queuing up for the entire day and more, spending nights in an alien city somehow and somewhere, spending a great amount of time and money.  But think about this – for every aspirant who is part of this crowd, there would be probably even more who could not take this effort and expense, and many who decided it is below their dignity to queue up in this manner.  Our Online competition will allow any aspirant to participate with just a smartphone and internet connection – right from the comforts of their homes!  We are confident we will unearth some amazing talent by reaching out far and wide, and by assuring a dignified participation and low cost.

A brief look at the history of singing competitions in India.  While there are several competitions every year on TV and radio these days, the history of singing competitions goes as far back as 1957, at least.  The Metro Murphy All-India talent singing competition in 1957, judged by five renowned music composers of Hindi films, threw up a winner in Mahendra Kapoor, who went on to have a glittering singing career in Hindi films.   Since then, many singers have made a mark after participating in reality shows.  Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghosal, Arijit Singh, Monali Thakur, Neeti Mohan, Antara Mitra are few of the famous names amongst today’s singers.

So we hope that by reaching out far and wide, Swar Baaware will throw up some future singing stars.Apart from being truly online reaching out everywhere, Swar Baaware promises to judge aspirants in a transparent manner.  The top 20 would go through a rigorous seven-round (or maybe even more) competition, each round testing a different kind of skill.  Swar Baaware will have one winner each from male and female singers.

Swar Baaware will also have future competitions to unearth talent by genre, such as Indian classical singing, and also by regional languages.  So here is a start, and to a bright future for talented yet unknown singers.

Swar Baaware 2017, presented by Mehfil Mastee.

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Biren Shah

Biren Shah, member of Mehfil Mastee team and a Hindi film music lover.


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Mehfil Mastee Hi Javed, Thank you for showing interest. Aapko saari links es blog mein mil jayengi. Also, visit our website -

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i want to become singer

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